Rent to Sell

What kind of sellers can Property Peace of Mind help?

We solve problems for vendors who want to sell their property, perhaps:

- your property isn’t selling, maybe the agent has reduced the price and it’s still not shifting
– the offers you have had have been too low and unrealistic
– you don’t want to deal with an estate agent or can’t afford to
– it needs renovation before you decide to sell
– there is little or negative equity
– you need to sell your property fast or there is a risk of repossession
– you are going through a life change and need to move out as quickly as possible.

What is Rent To Sell?

Rent To Sell has been very popular in Australia and the US and has taken off in the UK, being used by vendors and home owners as an alternative way of selling their property.

It is a way of selling your property at an agreed price over a specific period of time. It is a legal contract between the seller and buyer that allows the buyer to purchase the property at a pre-agreed price, within a number of months, usually 60 (but can be before).

How does Rent To Sell work?

Our popular Rent To Sell service in Cardiff and South Wales is a perfect solution for sellers who just want to move on with their life today and agree a future purchase price for their property.

In most cases we pay the full asking price, we buy in most areas of South Wales, we buy houses in any condition and we can provide an instant decision, usually within a day or so of meeting you. This means a win/win situation for both the seller and buyer. The property will be rented and then bought from the tenant buyer, or if bought by Property Peace of Mind, we will act as a broker to find a suitable tenant buyer whilst the property is being rented and your mortgage is being paid.

The best thing about Rent To Sell is that because every scenario is different, the terms can be very flexible and can change according to the buyer’s situation and needs.

What are the benefits? Here are 10 good reasons why Rent To Sell can help vendors:

1. Purchase price you want – we will usually pay the price you want for your property rather than below market value. It’s your home and we are happy to pair a fair, market price for it.

2. Guaranteed rent/mortgage payments – your mortgage payments are now covered by someone else.

3. Time – there are no chains or mortgage applications involved so you can usually move within 4 weeks.

4. No fees – there will be no monthly management fees, tenant finding fees or maintenance costs.

5. No agent fees – if we take the property off your hands you will not be liable to pay any estate agent fees.

6. No maintenance – you don’t need to take care of maintenance, gas safety checks or anything else in relation to the condition of the property.

7. Legal – the agreement is agreed between both parties and signed by solicitors who have experience in this area of practise.

8. No void periods – the property will not sit empty.

9. Quality tenants – they will treat the home well as they will be buying it. We have a database of searching tenants looking for all types of properties in a variety of areas.

10. Peace of mind – the future buyer has been agreed and you can move on with your life.

11. No redemption penalties – the seller can avoid paying any such penalties.

12. Win-win situation for vendor and buyer.

Contact us if you are a vendor and want to have a chat about how our Rent To Sell service can work for you. You don’t have anything to lose by giving us a chance to match you up with a tenant buyer who wants to make your home their new home.

We work with estate agents in Cardiff and South Wales

If you are an agent, contact us to see how we can help you if you have properties on your books that are not selling or renting as fast as you would like due to market conditions.